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We’re driven by our values

Coum Technologies is a music tech start-up where we are streamlining the traditional infrastructural set-up of the music industry.We’re a one stop shop in the music industry building from the ground up to a position where you’re making a solid living from your music and more.

Empowering creatives and executives to have more ease when creating and promoting the art being created to the world. We do this by creating an ecosystem that is more efficient and creates ease for users via various tech solutions. We aim to level the playing field by doing this.

Meet The Team

CEO -  Solomon Adesiyan

10+ years working within the music industry as an Executive Producer, in the process has become a guru/pioneer within the urban music scene predominantly in Ireland. Operates in different capacities from management, production, media, publishing, administration and record label services and more. Has a unique Joint Venture Partnership with Atlantic Records Uk/Warner Music Group. Has a  broad network within the industry.

CT0 - Gbemiga Adeosun

9+ years experience as a Software Engineer (ex Senior Developer at Workday), Lecturer at Beijing Institute of Technology, Part-time Lecturer at TUDublin Business Computing course and EIA (European Innovation Academy) 2017 Winner. Freelance work making  MVPs, Betas and Full functional software for private organisations around the world.

COO - Ade Lawal-Solarin

Ade Lawal-Solarin is a music lover, with a deep passion for technology and business. One of his core strengths is his ability to see synergies between the worlds of music, business, technology and data. Ade is incredibly passionate about the future of the music industry and the role artificial intelligence and Web 3 will play. He also has previous experience running an independent record label that had a distribution deal with RocNation(Jay’z).

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