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Music Innovation at Its Optimal Form.
Music-Gaming Sync-Streaming, Efficient Contracting, Real-Use of Blockchain & AI Technology and More.

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showcase of in game music player in mobile game

Your Obvious Destination.

An Infrastructure Of Ease Crafted With A Series Of Tools.
An Ecosystem Made To Increase The Success Rate Of Your Career.

Connecting with the key people.

Building a circle of others in the same boat as you. Connect with others in the music industry. Levelling the playing field access to the best in the industry with just a few clicks of a button.

Simplify work and get more done.

Plan, track, manage any type of work between contractors, employees, partners with our project management system.

Matchmaking Music to Gaming

Using our talented editorial team and slick software we allow game studios and developers to integrate a variety of top-tier music into their games givining their users a better experienece.

Increase your productivity substantially

Tired of spending too much time on social platforms that are too broad and come with many distractions that make us become lazy and inefficient when working on projects.

Social Marketplace for music industry professionals to connect, collaborate and make efficient communication and productivity. You can hire or be hired via the platform and manage contractors. You can now upload & submit your tracks to be distributed to a wide audience of people via mobile games with out distribution network. You can see live stream-count, generated income, reports and data analytics. You then have financial tools that makes it easier to claim, withdraw and spend your finances you've earned from music. Creating whole ecosystem of ease.

Coum Distribution
Music-Game Distribution
Helping right-holders (labels, investment funds, artists) create a new financial exploitation opportunity and expose their music to a broad consumer base via mobile games. Providing game developers and studios top-tier music from the best artists from various genres via a SDK. The aim is to achieve higher retention from users by creating a better gaming experience.
Coum Finance
XCLUSIV (PPV Platform)
We allow artists to directly monetise from their fans with pay per view platform similar to patreon but specifically for the music industry. Artists can share exclusive songs, videos, creative content, merchandise & more via our platform. This allows super fans to really help their favourite artists by sponsoring their careers and allows artists to constantly deliver value to their fans.
Coum Soundpool
Soundpool (AI Radio)
A pool of songs, sounds, loops, samples, compositions and beats We make sure that right-holders, artists, beat-makers, producers and composers are compensated fully for their creative work. We leverage audio fingerprinting technology to make sure creators know exactly how their works are being used around the world. We use an AI recommendation tool to give consumers best customer experience by feeding them music they like.

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